Scotch Lamb rump with za’atar and crowdie pastilla

Scots are being encouraged to eat meat from our own country, through Go Rural.

Go Rural is a community initiative run by farmers and crofters who are passionate about producing the highest quality food and drink as well as caring for the environment and protecting Scotland’s landscapes.

Scotch Lamb had a successful push in 2020 that resulted in a 9% uplift in value of lamb and 6.9% uplift in sales, and today we present a recipe for a Scotch Lamb rump with za’atar and crowdie pastilla.

Lesley Cameron, director of marketing and communications at Quality Meat Scotland, which runs the Scotch Lamb PGI brand, said: ‘Agritourism taps into numerous post-pandemic trends including food and drink experiences with a story, wellness, nature and “workcations”.

‘There’s so much just waiting to be discovered in Scotland’s rural communities – whether that be exhilarating outdoor adventures, unwinding in nature, learning a new skill or tasting some incredible ingredients from exactly where they’re produced.

“We’re proud to have a partnership with Go Rural, a network of agritourism farms, where people can get involved, try something new and learn all about the care and pride taken in producing quality-assured red meat like Scotch Lamb.’

Caroline Miller, founder of Go Rural said: ‘Just like the Scotch-assured brands, Go Rural is all about showcasing the very best the country has to offer, highlighting the real people and places that make the Scottish countryside such a special place.

‘The people welcoming you on to the farms are real characters, all unique with a different story to tell. There’s lots to learn, and that’s why we’re so pleased to be partnering with Quality Meat Scotland to further promote the link between farming, education and tourism.’

Scotch Lamb PGI is whole chain assured lamb from Scotland, from specific animals that are sourced from selected Scottish farms that adopt best practice when it comes to animal welfare, sustainability and production methods.

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