Scallops with onion and Gruyère purée, pancetta and mushrooms

Scots chef Joanne Munro shares her recipe for scallops with onion and Gruyère purée, pancetta and mushrooms.

Working at Glasgow’s famous Cafe Gandolfi, she said: ‘As soon as I joined I was really aware of the quality of the produce being purchased.

‘When I became sous chef I started to take control of some of the specials. The restaurant has been here for so long that there are lots of things on the menu that are complete standards and classics and would never be played around with, but I guess we can experiment a bit more with the specials, and include more world food – I get inspired when I go on holiday, or visit London’s Borough Market – but the ethos is very much that the produce is Scottish.

‘I know everyone now talks about seasonality, but that’s how I’ve always worked. Our menu very much depends on what produce is available that week, so it keeps our ideas fresh.’