Our recipe of the day is for skekt herring

It’s been a long road home for Tim and Anna Dover, the husband and wife team behind The Roost restaurant in Bridge of Earn.

From humble beginnings washing dishes in South Queensferry, through spells at The Witchery in Edinburgh, The Peat Inn in Fife, Daniel in New York and with Martin Wishart in Leith – to name but a few – Tim Dover has honed his cookery skills in some of the world’s finest kitchens.

‘I think it’s crucial for any young chef to try to gain as much experience as possible before making it as a head chef or going out on their own,‘ explains Tim. ‘My mindset was always to stay at a place for a couple of years, learn new skills and then move on to the next place in order to better myself.’

Opening The Roost was a lifestyle choice for the Dovers, who wanted their children to grow up in the countryside, and to be somewhere with access to the best local produce. When they found The Roost in 2008 it was a coffee shop.

‘We didn’t have the money to buy new chairs and carpets, but I could see the potential,‘ Tim says. ‘So it’s been a work in progress and slowly changing over the years. I feel that we’re now pretty close to what we wanted to achieve in the first place.’

(This recipe was originally published in 2016)