Mark Great British Game Week with a tasty pie

Now in its fifth year, Great British Game Week is about celebrating, promoting and highlighting just how nutritious, versatile and delicious game meat is.

This week we bring you recipes to highlight the versatility of game, starting with today’s grouse, pheasant and bacon pie, which was developed by the West London Shooting School team for Stanbury’s Restaurant.

The West London Shooting School’s game meat recipe is a mouth-watering pheasant pie. Any game quarry can be used but West London recommend pheasant for its rich flavour.

Marcus Janssen, brand director at Schöffel Country, said: ‘It’s about getting the message across that game is a healthy, ethical, sustainable and accessible alternative to mass-produced chicken.

‘Higher in protein and selenium, lower in cholesterol and fat and, in my opinion, far more flavoursome and delicious than chicken, game really ought to feature far more prominently in restaurant and pub menus, on supermarket shelves and indeed on our dinner tables at home than it currently does.

‘We need to get the word out there that game is now accessible, affordable and indeed easy to cook. Luckily, we now have a brilliant organisation in the British Game Alliance that, with the support of BASC, the Countryside Alliance and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, is dedicated to ensuring that this happens.

‘I really hope that we are on the cusp of seeing game meat really become a mainstream food, as it deserves to be.’