A tasty burger recipe with foraged mushrooms

Andy Waugh, forager and chef-owner of Sixes and Mac & Wild restaurants, this week shares some tasty recipes with Scottish Field.

Today we begin with the Foraged Scotch Beef PGI Burger. Delicious, luxurious and dirty. This is a quick fix that you’ll love to cook!

Mushrooms are abundant in Scotland and there are a few easy ones to get to know. I’ve grown up waiting for the chanterelles to come into season and always look forward to going out with the family to forage enough for dinner!

Chanterelles are my favourite type of mushroom and tend to be found either in clusters or on their own around the bottom of beech, birch, pine and spruce trees. They mostly grow between July and September – the smaller and firmer the better!

As summer turns to autumn, the bright red berries of a rowan tree really make it stand out. They are often found near houses, farms and in churchyards. Top tips for foraging them would be not to collect from trees too close to roads because of pollution and wait for the first frost (or end of September) to pick them. Cut clusters of berries from trees and knock to remove insects, then wash and pick off stems.