Historic castle is in need of full restoration

The abandoned Cavers Castle in Hawick is superb restoration project.

Presented to the market by Rettie and Co, this is a historic country house, once at the centre of the Douglas estates in Denholm, of over 100,000 acres. Now it lies in ruins, awaiting sympathetic reinstatement in part or in whole, or remodelling.

Cavers Castle is steeped in history and was most recently the seat of the Douglas family for over 300 years.

Cavers Castle was once at the centre of the Douglas estates

In its day, the castle was a grand 64 room family residence sitting in grounds in excess of 100,000 acres. The majority of this land was sold over the years by the Palmer-Douglas family.

Today, the castle sits in the centre of a comfortably sized eleven acre plot, with the castle itself positioned centrally within the plot. The grounds contain a large pond to the western extremity, and amongst the woodland to the eastern edge are the remnants of a curling pond.

The grounds also house a number of differing species of tree, the most notable a chestnut dating back to 1603, and this thought to be the oldest recorded chestnut in the British Isles.

Cavers Castle has been a ruin for the last 56 years

The castle has been a ruin for the past 56 years, deteriorating from year to year and today sits on the Scottish list of Endangered Buildings.

Once a building of note in the Scottish Borders, all that remains of the Castle are the bricks and mortar of the five storey, south-easterly wing. Some of the walls are up to eleven feet in thickness and detail around fireplaces and cornicing still remain.

Existing plans are available proposing the restoration of the Castle to a single dwelling family home.

Cavers Castle is presented for sale by Rettie and Co

The plans are to create a family home to a very high specification, with space, design and amenities to meet today’s living requirements. Incorporating a swimming pool, gymnasium, library and cinema, the design will contrast modern architecture with the existing historic fabric, resulting in a rejuvenated structure that can once again take its’ place amongst the noteworthy buildings of the Scottish Borders.

No formal application has been submitted, but the local planning department have indicated they would look favourably on the restoration of the castle and would consider the existing or new design plans.

Rettie and Co will accept offers over £300,000.

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