An interactive show will get you dancing

The dividing line between dance and physical theatre can be confusing, the first is an artistic movement of non-verbal communication with a series of movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music.

The latter is describe as any mode of performance that pursues storytelling or drama through primary and secondary physical and mental means.

In Populars the audience populates the periphery of the room like a group of 45-year-old virgins at their first school dance.

The performers using their enthusiasm, zest and the enticement of verbal communication make the shyness disappear and the audience is enticed to dance with the performers and indeed each other.

For those akin to shrinking violets this would be an uncomfortable experience. For those more open minded the show seeks to explore what the future could be like from today’s perspective.

The performers ask questions of the audience and their replies result in audience participating physical theatre.

The themes explored are universal to humanity, unnecessarily the performance at one stage goes political with the crack of the riding crop displacing the sweaty air as it thrashes the already dead horse of Brexit. The show exceeds the usual one hour and is 10 minutes too long.

For those looking for audience participation, a bit of exercise and dancing with strangers this might be for you.

Populars – Summerhall, The Library Gallery, 9.20-10.30pm.

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