Walkers encouraged to go to the Cairngorms

The final end of the winter means that the weather is starting to improve across Scotland.

The Cairngorms National Park is encouraging people across Scotland to get out more and enjoy the park.

Those who are keen to get out for a walk this spring and feel the benefits of being active but are unsure about going alone, or just don’t know where to go, should consider trying one of the park’s many weekly Health Walks.

There are over 20 health walk groups in and around the Cairngorms National Park – just waiting to welcome those who think they would benefit from being a bit more active.

Health Walks are short, safe, social, local, low level and participants are accompanied by a trained volunteer leader to show the way.

Mike Woolvin who coordinates the Health Walks in the Cairngorms National Park said: ‘The Health Walks are absolutely free to join, they are for any age group and no specialist equipment is required – just put on your jacket and shoes and walk out the door!

‘Studies have shown that going for a 30 minute walk a day is enough to make a significant difference to a person’s physical and mental wellbeing so if you think you would benefit please give it a go and put a spring in your step this spring.’

To find your nearest Health Walk visit the website HERE and use the interactive map or call Mike on 01479 870566.

Alternatively,  check out walks you can enjoy on the community paths webpage HERE.