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The big camping guide: We take a look at some of the latest camping gear for your next adventure

Heading off on a camping trip this summer? Well we have you covered with our latest camping guide. Richard Bath and Rosie Morton take a look at some of the best kit for your next adventure.


Montane featherlite nano. RRP £100.

I love Montane gear and this ingenious bit of kit is a classic reason why. At just 52g, it’s so ridiculously light and packs down so small that you’d hardly know you have it in your backpack. However, when it starts raining, it does exactly what it says on the tin and will keep you dry and wind-proofed. There aren’t, as you might expect, any pockets, but there’s so much to like about this jacket. It’s 100% recycled, PFC-free, has full-length zip, a cinched hem to keep the wind out, packs down into its own collar, and has a reflective print on the chest and back to improve safety if you’re going to be near roads at night.


Vango Camp chef Pizza Oven. RRP £190.

This is one for when you take the car and stop in a camp site, or even if you’re wild camping within easy reach of a road. The oven is designed to replicate a true wood fire pizza oven, largely thanks to a ceramic pizza stone which promotes an even heat and is designed to give your pizza a delectable crust. The only drawback is that it requires an external heat source for use, and has been designed for used with Vango’s Camp Chef cooking system, although it will work with most stoves.


Super Sparrow flask – RRP £28,

I absolutely love this classy 750ml flask, which has a ‘twist-and-pour’ stopper that not only ensures the liquid stays hot for 8hrs and cold for 24hrs, but also allows you to sip direct from the flask. It’s a really robust and tactile flask, although a little too heavy for hard-core hikers. Its lid also acts as a cup and it comes in ten different colours (I chose blue).


Green People factor 30 sun cream – RRP £30 (50ml),

These days I have a forehead like a satellite dish, which combined with a fair-skinned complexion and a penchant for extended periods in the sea, is a recipe for trouble. Fortunately, this British brand of organic skin care has just launched a water-repellent scent-free mineral sun cream that is certified organic by Soil Association Cosmos. It’s 100% mineral, and gives a high-factor defence against UVA and UVB rays. It’s non-whitening and non-greasy, so there’s no drying alcohol, while the aloe vera, chamomile and sequoia extract protect and moisturise. It also helps that it’s good for those with sensitive skin (eg: eczema), but mainly I like it because it works.


Montane Dart Nano t-shirt. RRP £50.

This t-shirt is perfect for walking and camping trips. At 80g it’s unfeasibly light and very fast-drying, while its recycled polyester (made from used plastic bottles) provides both warmth and breathability. I used it as a base layer, and found that Montane’s assertion that its treatment with Polygiene blocks the growth of odour-causing bacteria and keeps you fresher for longer was spot on. It’s designed to wick away moisture (which, let’s face it, has come in handy in Scotland this year), and as an extra feature it also has reflective detailing to help you move safely at night. As with all Montane gear, it has a lifetime guarantee.


House of Cheviot Glen walking socks. RRP £21.95.

I love these merino wool blend socks which are perfect for walking. They are beautifully cushioned, and feature a soft fit cuff, ribs for ventilation and lycra support at the ankle and instep. They are relatively expensive, but are both knitted and hand finished in Scotland.


Vivo Barefoot, The Pilgrim Boot – RRP £180.

These boots are unique in that they employ conductive technology designed to ‘ground’ your feet to the floor. The idea is that they ‘enable a seamless connection between your body and the Earth’s energy when worn on natural surfaces like soil, grass, sand and stone … reconnecting your body to the planet’s electrical charge to balance the excess of positive ion’s accumulated from modern living, which are detrimental to our holistic wellbeing … creating a pathway for electrons to flow between your body and the Earth’s surface’. If that sounds like hippy-dippy mumbo-jumbo, they are actually incredibly comfortable and although I can’t personally confirm the advertised benefits for which Vivo claim significant scientific underpinning (decreased inflammation and pain, reduced stress, and improved sleep and circulation) there’s no doubt their three-layered sole provides a very comfortable walking experience.


Grangers Footwear Cleaner & Gear Cleaner. RRP £5.75.

Keeping your walking boots and jackets in good condition is absolutely essential, which is where Grangers comes in. Their protective sprays are suitable for all upper materials, including leather, nubuck and suede – all you have to do is spray onto the boots to give enhanced water-resistance and breathability. Helpfully, the bottle is made from 100% recycled materials and the solution itself is both PFC-free and Bluesign approved. The spray-on Footwear & Gear Cleaner also removes dirt, grime and odours, whether on jacket or boots.


Fabsil Tent Care Kit. RRP £21.95.

While Grangers sort out your boots and jackets, Fabsil will ensure that your tent and rucksack are water-resistant so that you don’t have any nasty surprises once out on the trail. It also cleans your gear and removes nasty smells.


Jack Wolfskin Wandermood pack 20. RRP £120.

This 20 litre pack is useful for day hikes or journeys, but nothing longer, and is basically for carrying the essentials (there’s no belt strap to help carry a heavier load, for example). However, it’s light, extremely abrasion resistant and has lots of nice features, including two zipped pockets (one of which is hidden by your back to make life hard for pickpockets) and a laptop holder. It doesn’t have a specific holder for an H2O hydration sack, but does have two exterior webbed drinks holders on either side. It also has a built-in raincover.





Vango Hadean DLX Chair, RRP £110.

I’m past the stage of wanting to slum it when camping. So, here to provide some much-needed comfort is the Vango Hadean DLX Chair. For the unacquainted, Vango was established in the West of Scotland in 1966 and remains a go-to brand for outdoor thrill-seekers needing top-notch kit. 

The chair may be hefty (it weighs in at 5.86kg), but it is the sturdiest, most comfortable portable chair we have in our household. It is made from a special EcoStem fabric, using 100% recycled single-use plastic, and has a padded seat and backrest, providing the ultimate slice of luxury when sitting beneath the stars or round a camp fire. An added bonus? The hard armrests make it easier to peel yourself out of the chair. It also folds completely flat making it straight forward to store in campers or caravans.


Finisterre Women’s Stormbird Waterproof Jacket, RRP £250 & Men’s Axiom Full Zip Fleece, RRP £95.

If you haven’t encountered Finisterre yet, you’re seriously missing out. Originally it was born out of a desire to provide British surfers with functional, sustainable products, but they are equally well suited to camping enthusiasts. 

The women’s Stormbird is one of their top waterproof jackets, and is designed to keep you dry in even the heaviest downpours, all while being incredibly lightweight and easy to stow away in a backpack. Perhaps my favourite feature is the warm-touch brushed polyester inner lining – some waterproofs can feel clammy when your body heats up, but the Stormbird just keeps you snug and dry. The hood is fully adjustable for keeping out the wind, as are the cuffs and hems (which have velcro and adjustable fastenings, respectively). It comes in four colours (olive, seal brown, deep sea, and black) and although it’s a very practical item, the cut still feels flattering. 

Meanwhile, Finisterre’s Axiom Full Zip Fleece for men is built from hard-wearing 100% recycled fabrics and not only looks good, but feels luxuriously soft and comforting next to your skin. My other half has worn this already on 2-3 hour hikes, and it has proved an excellent mid-layer. It has reinforced elbow pads, deep side pockets with zips, and an elasticated hem and cuffs. The best bit? It can be thrown in the washing machine on a 30-degree cycle and comes out shining every time. 


Endura Men’s Singletrack Softshell, RRP £109.99. 


This Scottish brand dates back to 1993 and is committed to providing high-tech apparel for all outdoor activities, but is especially useful for those taking a bike on their camping trip. Endura have worked with top teams and riders on road, MTB and triathlon bikes, so have already established a great track record. 

This Singletrack Softshell Jacket is windproof and has stretchy, three-layer fabric that allows you to move freely. The material is a little shiny, but don’t let that put you off – the underarm vents allow for temperature regulation and the inner lining is fleecy, ensuring a soft material sits against your neck when zipped. If cycling isn’t your thing though, this will still come in handy for an extra layer when pitching a tent, sitting round the camp fire or indeed heading for the hills for a dog walk. 


Smartwool Classic All-Season Merino Base Layer 1/4 Zip. RRP £89.99.

If, like me, you’re beginning to feel your age, then a base layer is a must-have for walking and camping trips. This Smartwool base layer is 88% merino wool (with 100% merino wool against your body) and 12% nylon to increase durability and stretchiness.  Its side seams help minimize chafing while wearing a pack, and it comes in three different colours. It is also a tight, body-hugging fit, so for those of us who could lose a few pounds it’s best used as one of several layers.


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