Racing to good health in their campervan

A Scots GP and her family have been racing to good health with the help of their trusty campervan.

Shona Beveridge, 43, regularly takes part in triathlons and has been able to battle some of Scotland’s harshest weather conditions as she does so thanks to her Jerba Campervan.

Since Shona and her husband, Simon, purchased their long wheelbase Cromarty van in November 2016, the family of four has been able to take part in a variety of races around Scotland – from Oban through to the Scottish Borders.

Shona, who has been competing in triathlon races for the last five years, said: ‘Our Jerba is brilliant. We’ve had it for three years now and it has been handy for training for races – especially for open water swimming as it is great to be able to get changed inside out of a wetsuit.

‘Scotland’s weather can be a bit temperamental at times and the van has come to my rescue on countless occasions.
‘One of these was when I was competing in the Craggy Island Triathlon near Oban and the heavens just opened.

Luckily, Simon brought the van along to the island and when I cycled back from the race I could see it only a few hundred metres from the ferry port.

‘I remember being absolutely drenched but the Jerba was just waiting there nice warm with soup ready for me. That day our Jerba was a godsend.

‘My next event is in Aberfeldy in the summer which I hope will be sunny. My husband will be taking part in a sprint race and my 10-year-old daughter will also be doing her first open water swim. We are all beginners but the exercise keeps us fit and healthy.’

Jerba Campervans is based in North Berwick and specialises in luxury conversions of the Volkswagen T6 model, transforming them into stylish homes on wheels made individually to the customer’s specification.

As well as sheltering them from the elements, the Beveridge’s campervan is also used for family holidays – in Scotland and abroad.

Shona added: ‘When we aren’t competing, we use the van for holidays. It’s taken us to Brittany in France, over to The Netherlands on a ferry and to some of the most scenic parts of Scotland.

‘It’s warm, safe accommodation and there’s even bike and canoe racks so we can get paddling and pedalling when we are away.

‘Our Labrador, Mollie, loves the van too as there is plenty of space for her to come along on our trips.

‘The van has been so reliable and has literally been there in our time of need. I couldn’t think of life without it.’

Founded in 2005, Jerba Campervans became 100% employee-owned in January 2018 – a move which has seen the company significantly increase its profits and productivity.

The company is one of only very few UK VW T6 converters to have fully tested and certificated its conversions to European Whole Vehicle Type Approval – the highest level of European safety type approval.

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