Jayne Emery from Bridge of Earn
Jayne Emery from Bridge of Earn

Jayne needs help to reach triathlon finals

A few years ago, Jayne Emery from Bridge of Earn, didn’t go swimming because she didn’t have the ability.

Tonight, The Kirkstyle Inn is hosting a fundraiser for Jayne, who is going to be representing Team GB in the 2020 Euro and World Championships as a triathlete.

The Kirkstyle Inn is Perthshire is holding the fundraiser today, January 31, to help get Jayne on The Plane. Jayne works part-time at the bar, in addition to her work to become a chartered accountant.

Jamie Harrison, from the Kirkstyle Inn, said: ‘We didn’t know anything about what Jayne was doing. It all came out when she was late one day, which isn’t like her, and I asked what had happened. She had been late from getting back from training, and I asked what she was training for.

‘She had been for a 13K bike ride, then come back and done 20 lengths in the pool, and that was after she had been to work as an accountant.

‘She explained she was a triathlete and had been doing it for a couple of years. She couldn’t swim when she started, and now she can swim in open water. Her cycling had been average, and now she’s put that right too.

‘Jayne’s only 26, but she does so much in her day – she doesn’t think she’s doing anything abnormal.’

Jamie decided to do something to help bar worker Jayne, as he says triathletes lost their funding following the 2012 Olympic Games, so they have to find their own sponsorship to help them compete.

Jayne Emery from Bridge of Earn

He continued: ‘I asked her what she would need to get to train for her competitions, and she said she really needed a bike, which would help her do the job.

‘She borrowed another competitor’s bike before, so I said to Jayne, if she qualified for the European and World Championships, I would get her one. She qualified, and I’ve got to stand by my word, so we’ve having the fundraiser to help her buy the bike.

‘We’re hoping to raise the money for the bike and her travel expenses, so we’re hoping to raise between £5000-£10,000.

‘We’re going to have the bike in the pub so people can take a look at it – the bike alone costs £5400. It’s a serious bit of kit.

‘Jayne is so humble and is slightly embarrassed about all the attention.’

The fundraiser will take place at the Kirkstyle Square, Dunning, Perthshire, starting at 7pm. Anyone interested in supporting Jayne should call Jamie on 01764 684248.