Scottish Wildcat documentary filmed at Aigas Field Centre

A new feature length documentary by Bellatrix Photography and Film Ltd has been filmed at Aigas Field Centre where renowned conservationist John Lister-Kaye, who features in the documentary, and Aigas Staff Naturalist Louise Hughes are leading a captive breeding programme for Scottish Wildcats. Aigas is one of five captive-breeding centres in the Scottish Wildcat Conservation Action Plan who work closely together, sharing cats, observations and advice. To view the documentary trailer or for more information visit:









Exact wildcat numbers are unknown – some believe less than 35 pure Scottish wildcats are left, others believe there are none at all. Their biggest threat is hybridisation with domestic cats and after generations of cross breeding, places such as Aigas are using hybrids with high quality genetics to breed offspring which present a higher percentage of Scottish wildcat genes.