Retro beats with a futuristic touch in new song

December Morning Remix is the nostalgic debut single from futuristic artist Chuck Destiny.

The synth-pop track, which features Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Iain Wilson, will be released on Friday, 22 April.

Chuck Destiny is the project by an unnamed artist creating retro beats with a futuristic garnish. The track features vocals from Iain Wilson, who infuses current pop styles with 80s synth on his debut album Holding On β€˜Til Sunrise last year.

December Morning Remix is a feel-good single which inspires memories of blissful summers past.

Chuck Destiny said: ‘The track was made with the essence of forgotten summer moments in mind. That type of nostalgia you get for experiences you never had. Just pure feel-good energy with a touch of melancholy for good measure. Iain’s voice and lyrics of course worked perfectly for this!

‘As I created more and more of the track, it reminded me more and more of happy times that have been and gone – that was really the main motivation behind it all. Like the soundtrack to a photo album of a lazy summer, not getting up to anything particular other than being with the people you love and doing dumb things.’

Vocals for the single were recorded at Wee Studio in Stornoway and the track will be released under Wee Studio Records.

The self-composed single is accompanied by a music video showing two friends embarking on a road trip, shot in the style of a home video from the backseat.

December Morning Remix will be available to stream and download on all major digital platforms on Friday 22 April.