Fringe: One man and his bagpipes with a sad end

Thunderstruck is a one man show written and performed by David Colvin who acted in the acclaimed play The Black Watch.

David tells the story of Gordon Duncan and how this Highland genius bin cleaner of a bagpiper changed his life.

Gordon Duncan was, like so many exceptionally talented musicians, gifted with both the classical skills of a piper and that almost self-destructive desire to explore beyond the conventional in pipe music. The homage to Gordon Duncan is firstly a reflection of how David Colvin’s life was transformed on hearing Gordon Duncan’s musical exploration.

Secondly it tells of the tragic alcoholic end of Gordon’s life, an end common to so many gifted artists.

If you think this is a play for the bagpipe playing community you would be wrong. David provides a history of bagpipe playing in a concise and amusing way so the audience is left in no doubt as to the genius of Gordon Duncan.

Thunderstruck is a story of humanity full of pathos and the personal effect one man had on another.

The title, Thunderstruck, is the title of the famous track by the heavy metal band AC/DC so don’t be surprised to find pipers, the curious and heavy metal fans in the audience. They will enjoy this show equally.

Thunderstruck, Checkpoint, 2.45pm, Assemble

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