Free music tasters for all in Scotland

Learn to Play Day – a free national event to encourage everyone in the UK to start making music – is coming to Scotland this March.

Run by charity Music For All, the 2020 Learn to Play Day will take place on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March, and will see music shops, teachers, venues and schools throughout the county partner with leading musical instrument brands to offer thousands of free music lessons.

With participating venues in Glasgow, Perth, Kinross and Edinburgh, and further to be announced in the coming week, the opportunities for people to pick up and play an instrument will be abundant.

Famed musician Jools Holland said: ‘As patron of the Music for All charity, I’m delighted to lend my support to National Learn to Play Day. It’s a pleasure to be able to share the joy of music, and this special day allows so many people to get involved as venues all over the country offer music lessons for free.’

Since being launched nine years ago, the Learn to Play Day initiative has helped thousands of people, many who have never played an instrument before, while others played as a child but gave up, to get the chance to have a go.

Held in partnership with the Musicians’ Union, the ‘Take It Away’ scheme and Making Music, the Learn to Play Day initiative has been growing in popularity with a record 10,000 free lessons held during last year’s event.

Musician Jamie Cullum added: ‘National Learn to Play Day gives everyone a chance to play an instrument, even if they’ve never played before. This wonderful day introduces thousands to the magic of music making, and often reunites people with a lost passion for playing. Get involved and perhaps discover a skill you thought you didn’t have!’

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