Campervans given their own birth certificates

A campervan company is taking customer service to the next level by giving every person who drives home with a new van a digital birth certificate for their purchase.

Jerba Campervans, a North Berwick-based converter of the Volkswagen T6 model, is creating unique videos for its buyers of their new van being transformed from its skeletal form to a bespoke, tailor-made campervan.

Simon Poole, founder and director at Jerba, things its an added piece of value for their customers.

He said: ‘A new campervan is like a new addition to the family; it can really transform your lifestyle from the moment it becomes yours. A lot of our customers even have names planned for their vans when they come to pick them up!

‘So, we thought that these digital birth certificates would be a nice way of marking the moment and making that special feeling of driving the van home last longer.’

The 15-strong team of cabinet makers and craftsmen at Jerba now all incorporate filming the jobs they carry out into their daily working routines.

David Anderson, carpenter at Jerba, said: ‘It’s not something I expected to be doing when I set out in this field of work. Remembering the extra step of setting up the camera before I start my task took a bit of getting used to, but now it’s just become second nature.’

Each lot of footage is then sent over to the company’s digital designer who edits the shots and pulls together a montage of the campervan being built, from start to finish.

Simon added: ‘We’ve had a great response so far – the customers love it. They recognise that we’ve gone that extra mile to make the experience of buying their van unique and memorable.

‘And it’s interesting for them to see how each part of their van is put together, too. Each van is different – so the videos will be unique.

‘We’re always looking for ways to improve what we do and to be innovative in every aspect of our work to keep us ahead of the game.’

Simon and his wife Cath founded Jerba in 2005 after a decade of owning and hiring campervans all over the world, before deciding they could improve the design and overall user experience themselves.

The firm is now recognised by Volkswagen as a registered vehicle body builder. The German manufacturer supplies Jerba with the skeletons of the vans, which it transforms into stylish homes on wheels, made individually to the customer’s specification.

Last year, the husband and in the months following and wife team made the decision to become 100% employee owned and experienced an instant 11% surge in productivity in the months following.