Father and son walking talking by a lake spending time together bonding in nature

Father’s Day Gift Guide

WANT to treat your dad this Father’s Day, but tired of sifting through hundreds of targeted ads? We hear you. Morag Bootland and Rosie Morton have done the legwork for you so that you can find the perfect gift for the man of the hour. 


D-Robe, merino quarter-zip – RRP £79, www.d-robeoutdoors.com

I got my dad into merino wool gear and now he absolutely loves it – not only is it light and warm (which is why arctic explorers and skiers love it), but it is a sustainable natural fibre that is durable and has thermo-regulating properties which respond to your body’s temperature.

This quarter-zip is made from extra fine merino, which means it’s perfect for layering, which is handy given how changeable the weather has become. It’s also supposed to be resistant to smells such as body odour because the smell-generating bacteria that grow on your sweat or your synthetic clothing simply do not like to grow on merino.

I like the dark red, and I hope he will too. It will also last as its ribbed zip collar gives extra warmth and protection, while the double-layered ribs provide added comfort and durability, and ensures that it holds its shape. This is a top option if you want to give dad something to wear.


Hermitage Cognac Cigar 15 – RRP £97.80. hermitagecognac.com

My dad adores a dram, but once in a while he likes to go rogue and crack open the cognac, so this could be the perfect fit for the old boy. The ever-innovative Hermitage Cognac have launched the Trilogy age-statement range, which aims to celebrate 19th century café culture in France when cognac was often enjoyed with dark coffees, sweetmeats or pastries.

Cigar 15 may be the entry level of the three cognacs in the range, but it is an outstanding tipple that benefits from being naturally aged and free from artificial additives, colouring and sugars. Grown in the Grande Champagne region, Cognac’s premier cru, Cigar 15 is distilled in small stills and aged for 15 years in Limousin French oak casks.

A similar golden colour to a 21-year-old Glenfarclas, Hermitage goes well with either pastries or a cigar, and has aromas of tobacco, saffron, almonds and citrus, plus flavours of pork crackle, mushrooms, walnuts, saffron and dry cocoa.


Lind & Lime Hamper – RRP £60, leithexport.com/products/line-lime-gin-at-home-gift-box 


We’re a family which likes to relax with a glass in our hands, with our evening routine usually starting with my salty seadog father – who spent two years in the Navy – announcing that “the sun is over the yardarm”, whatever that means.

Actually, what it means is that it’s time for a G&T, and as home is Leith, this gift pack of locally distilled but joyously robust organic London dry gin – which leads with lime peel but also features juniper, coriander, angelica, liquorice, orris and aromatic pink peppercorns among its botanicals – is the perfect gift.

It also comes with a nice mixing glass, a steel bar spoon, and a cocktail recipe for the delightful Shorefront Martini (which I expect my dad to ignore, but which is right up my street).


Billy Connolly, Rambling Man: My Life on the Road, RRP £25, www.johnmurraypress.co.uk

Be honest. Everyone loves a ‘dad joke’.

But while Dad’s own stand-up comedy show may be best confined to the four walls of home, Sir Billy Connolly is here to show us all how it’s really done.

In his latest publication, Rambling Man: My Life on the Road, you can just about hear his own voice as you read. It’s a complete, unadulterated joy and sure-fire crowd-pleaser for this Father’s Day. After all, who wouldn’t want to travel the world from their armchair with the ‘Big Yin’ himself? He’d be an outrageous travel companion, serving guaranteed belly laughs, high-jinks and toe-tapping banjo tunes.

In true Connolly fashion – revelling in tales of reckless abandon while playing music and entertaining crowds of thousands – he tells of his experiences travelling the world on planes, trains and automobiles, and of course on his beloved trikes. Whether speeding down Route 66, playing polo with an elephant in Nepal, or being serenaded by a penguin in New Zealand, Connolly’s endless curiosity about life’s quirks is totally infectious.

Published by John Murray Press (Two Roads)


ZONE3 Biodegradable Terraprene Vision Wetsuit, RRP £399, www.zone3.com

The greener way to swim…

If your dad is big on outdoor pursuits, chances are he’s going to need a wetsuit. But while he’s out there enjoying nature, it would be nice to know that his conscience is clear with regards to the footprint he leaves behind.

Whether he’s into paddleboarding, surfing or wild swimming, this new biodegradable Vision Wetsuit from ZONE3 is the latest in cutting-edge technology. Made from Yamamoto rubber (Terraprene) it is entirely biodegradable in landfill conditions and breaks down into methane and biomass, meaning that no nasty micro-plastics are left behind. Testing shows that the material will be nearly a third decomposed within just two years, compared to traditional neoprene wetsuit which can remain in landfill for over 100 years.

I’ll admit, I was a little sceptical about this – does the material experience any decomposition during swimming or normal storage? They promise that it doesn’t. And, thus far, I’m very pleasantly surprised! The Vision wetsuit has already stood up to some rigorous testing and feels brand new.

The wetsuit fits snuggly, keeps you incredibly warm, and is perfect for Scotland’s ice-cold waters. The design is smart – the one-piece shoulder panel allows you to move freely when swimming – and the materials so comfortable. ZONE3 was founded by James Lock – an elite triathlete and World Champ winner – so if it’s good enough for him, it’s almost certainly good enough for fathers across the land!


Montane Men’s Fury Lite Fleece Jacket, RRP £90, www.montane.com

If your dad is in the market for a lightweight fleece, this could be just the ticket.

The Montane Men’s Fury Lite Fleece Jacket has been built for hiking, walking, mountaineering or climbing (hence it needs to be lightweight), but is still incredibly cosy. It doesn’t feel like a traditional, thick fleece – instead, its hard-wearing outer fabric is cooler to the touch, while the inner thermo stretch brushed fleece lining is incredibly soft. The snug collar means that sneaky draughts are kept out, and the four-way stretch means that your movement isn’t restricted. I particularly like the Neptune Blue colour, but if your dad prefers more muted colours, it comes in ‘Midnight Grey’ (dark grey) or ‘Pebble Blue’ (light grey).

If you’ve never experienced Montane gear before, it’s a brand that I personally trust implicitly. They’ve worked closely with the likes of the British Antarctic Survey and the British Mountain Rescue Teams for over 25 years, so their clothing is put through rigorous testing.


Briggs & Riley ZDX Medium Expandable Spinner Suitcase, RRP £589, www.briggs-riley.co.uk


My dad’s trusty old suitcase was getting decidedly long in the tooth. He’s probably as rough on his luggage as any airport baggage handler, so any new case was going to need to be robust and well-made in order to survive. Enter, Briggs & Riley.

This case is perfect for longer trips with its expandable midriff allowing the extra room he might need for trips in winter when woollies and waterproofs are a necessity. The handle is on the outside, giving yet more interior packing space. He loves how the case has plenty of pockets and compartments for stowing his bits and bobs and keeping his shirts flat. There’s a front pocket that’s easily big enough for a jacket and the spinner wheels make it, and I quote, ‘the most manoeuvrable case I’ve ever had.’ Yes, it’s expensive, but this case just goes to show that you absolutely do get what you paid for.


Simon Rogan Tea Infusion Gift Set, RRP £19, www.simonrogan.co.uk

If your dad is on a mission to cut down on caffeine, but is still a fiend for a hot drink then you could do worse than gifting him this gorgeous set of three infusions including blackcurrant and verbena, mint and my personal favourite, strawberry and elderflower, which is perfect for a mid-summer cuppa in the garden. The set comes in a lovely gift box finished with a ribbon, so you won’t even need to worry about gift wrapping.

Foodie dads will know all too well that Simon Rogan is a trusted name in epicurean spheres. L’Enclume, his three-michelin starred restaurant in the Lake District is one of only eight in the UK and Ireland, so this very special selection of infusions has been picked by the best of the best. And if your dad isn’t a tea fan there is a selection of fabulous foodie gifts and hampers on the website.

Ryobi 18V ONE+™ RY18HT40A-120 cordless 40cm Hedge Trimmer Starter Kit, RRP £99.99, uk.ryobitools.eu

This compact and lightweight hedge trimmer weighs in at a mere 1.5kg, so despite not admitting to enjoying using lighter-weight tools, I know my dad is finding this trimmer much easier to use than his old bulky one. Its rechargeable battery will last for up to 30 minutes, so it’s ideal for trimming smaller gardens and works perfectly on my dad’s laurel hedge. Its diamond sharpened blades will easily chop through branches up to 16mm in width.

As part of the Ryobi ONE+ system, this trimmer comes with a 2.0Ah battery and charger which can be used with Ryobi’s range of over 200 cordless tools. He’s already ordered himself a cordless chainsaw to take on pruning the trees, so who knows what will be next!


Hemp Shirt, Babble & Hemp, RRP £79, www.babbleandhemp.com

If keeping an eye on your impact on the environment is high on the agenda, take a look at Babble & Hemp’s shirts.

After visiting cotton farms and factories in India, the Babble & Hemp founders saw first-hand what damage the clothing industry was having on the natural world. An incredible 2,700 litres of water goes into the making of just one cotton shirt, and the pesticides used in the process are frequently washed away into local rivers. Hemp is an alternative that could just be the answer to our prayers. It grows using only rainwater, requires no chemicals, and uses far less water (500 litres per shirt).

What’s more, the resulting fabric is incredibly durable, breathes during the summer, and insulates in the cooler months. Babble & Hemp’s shirts come in a range of brilliant colours, meaning that your dad can dazzle in Lymington Pink or Samarkand Blue, or enjoy a more muted classic Oyster Grey or Chatham stripe.


Rusty Barrel Mayfair Cocktail Making Set, RRP £45, www.rustybarrel.co.uk

Is your dad the official barman in your house? Well, UK-based Rusty Barrel have got you covered this Father’s Day with their best-selling Mayfair Cocktail Making Set. The main component is a Manhattan-style cocktail shaker with a mirrored finish, and it comes with all the extra tools of the trade that your dad needs to impress the guests at his next dinner party.

It comes superbly packaged in a box with carrying pouch, recipe booklet, wooden muddler, drinks pourer, twisted bar spoon, strainer, measuring jigger and a 750ml shaker. All that remains is to buy in your dad his favourite spirits and mixers and he’ll be ready to impress. And, ‘like the Bombay Club, if it’s not perfect, we’ll replace it’ – Rusty Barrel guarantees to replace any kit that doesn’t quite meet your standards. So far though, this cocktail making set has helped produce the perfect Cosmo, Bramble, Moscow Mule and more, and not one drop of precious liquid has been spilled!


Rituals The Ritual of Homme Gift Set, RRP from £27.90 – £54.90, www.rituals.com

If like mine, your dad is a wee bit stuck in decades gone by when it comes to his personal care products, then a refresh courtesy of Rituals might be just what he needs. These beautifully packaged, origami inspired gift boxes come in three different sizes and are perfect for Father’s Day. The products are enriched with bamboo, Japanese mint and cedar wood to ensure your dad smells as good as he looks on the big day and beyond.

The contents vary depending on the size of box you choose, but there is a shower foam, caffeine shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, charcoal scrub, divine travel sized eau de parfum and even a car perfume available.


Suunto’s Sonic Bone Conducting Headphones, RRP £129, www.suunto.com/en-gb

Running outdoors can be a total joy. The cooling wind, the views, and (hopefully) the sun on your face makes it far more enjoyable than plodding away on a treadmill.

However, plugging into noise-cancelling earphones (and thereby blocking out the thrum of traffic) can be dangerous. Cue Suunto’s Sonic Bone Conducting Headphones. They promise to give you a rich sound experience, without blaring your guilty pleasures to fellow passers by. Crucially, they also allow you to hear the outside world.

The headphones are sweatproof and water resistant, come with up to 10 hours of battery life, and can be fully charged in just an hour. They’re also incredibly easy to use – after downloading an app onto your phone, you pair them using Bluetooth, and away you go. (Most common models of smartphone are compatible with Suunto’s headphones). The sound quality is as you’d expect – not as good as noise cancelling headphones, but still pretty impressive. After all, what’s more important? Blasting ABBA to drown out the car engines? Or being able to hear that traffic and avoid an accident? My only gripe is that you can’t adjust the size to fit your head as you want it, but that’s down to personal preference. Otherwise, if your dad’s a keen runner, these are a thoughtful gift.


Men’s Cashmere Bed Socks, The White Company, RRP £39, www.thewhitecompany.com/uk 

The gift of pure luxury…

Cashmere never goes amiss in anyone’s wardrobe, and when it comes to telly time at the end of a long day, there is nothing more comforting than a pair of cashmere socks. These ones from The White Company come in two colourways – grey and navy – and have an all-over rib that hugs your feet. They are one size fits all, which makes ordering them even easier. We may all like to pamper our mums on Mother’s Day, but dads can be just as partial to a touch of luxury now and then!



ARRAN Sense of Scotland, Sannox 50ml Eau De Parfum, RRP £57.50, www.arran.com

Heady, musky and woody. If that describes your dad’s favourite aftershave, then this may well be his bag.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s new ‘Sannox’ range is crafted with Scottish ingredients that are native to the Isle of Arran and blended with unfiltered local water. It is described as having notes of ‘leather, oud and amber’, and while it may have been made here in Bonnie Scotland, it actually whisked me away to far flung territories where cinnamon and spice reign supreme.

It has now become a firm favourite in our household, with my other half spraying it liberally when he’s needing a little boost ahead of a long day. A little goes a long way with this eau de parfum, and lasts up to eight hours.


Hendricks Grand Cabaret Gin, RRP £30, www.hendricksgin.com

If summer tipples are your dad’s thing then the latest launch from Hendrick’s Cabinet of Curiosities may well be the perfect addition to his Father’s Day treats. This gin has been inspired by historical recipes and the history of cocktails. The flavour profile starts off with stone fruits – think cherry liqueur and a touch of peach schnapps.

It is light and refreshing and perfect with tonic for a summer’s day in the garden when there’s plenty of time to stop and smell the roses, or if Dad is feeling a little fancy then cocktails like the Hendrick’s Grand Cabaret Royale with gin, cranberry juice, lime, sugar syrup and fizz might be the ideal way to celebrate Father’s Day.


Martin’s Chocolatier Father’s Day Collection 30 collection, RRP £27.95, www.martinschocolatier.co.uk

If your dad has a sweet tooth, or if you’re ever hopeful that he might share any gift that you give him with you, then you might plump for a gorgeous box of chocs from Martin’s Chocolatier. They have a variety of gift boxes on offer and this Father’s Day one includes such delights as a Scotch whisky truffle, dark ginger ganache and roasted praline square. It’s also available in a smaller size if Dad is watching what he eats!

All Martin’s Chocolate is made from traceable cocoa beans and is sustainable, so they can be enjoyed with only the guilt of the calories you are consuming. The gift boxes are really beautifully presented and come in a range of styles to suit different occasions. I’d heartily recommend you try out their Weird and Wonderful gift box too – think banoffee pie and buckthorn and salted fudge mousse!


Kapka x Sous Chef Galaxy Splatter Enamel Roasting & Serving Dish, RRP £25.99, www.souschef.co.uk

If your dad fancies himself as a bit of a whizz in the kitchen then he might be as charmed as I was by this funky little roasting dish. It’s available in two sizes – 2lcm (£25.99) or 26cm (£29.99) and although it is small, it is ideal for cooking a portion or two of lasagne or potato dauphinoise.

Resembling a starry galaxy, the colourful splatter design makes this pretty enough to go from oven to table. My dad was delighted to find that it also fits perfectly into his air fryer and it is easily washed in the dishwasher. It can also be used on the hob for searing. After several weeks of use this robust little dish still looks as good as new and the striking galaxy design is available in a range of enamelware, so that’s his birthday sorted too.


Calex Organic Neo Champagne LED Lamp, RRP Base £15, Bulbs from £30, www.homebase.co.uk

Dad will love the simple styling of this lamp base that allows him to switch up the look and lighting effect with different Calex bulbs. The simplicity of the block base allows the undulating glass and exposed filament to really shine.

The bulb pictured here is a stylish champagne colour that gives off a lovely warm glow, but there are mirrored and silver finishes to choose from depending on Dad’s décor and preference. Perfect for chilled out evenings in his man shed, by the bed or in the lounge.


Rosie Sugden for The Fife Arms Hotel, Cashmere Cable Knit Beanie & Gloves Set, RRP £134, shop.thefifearms.com

If you’ve not yet visited the spectacular Fife Arms Hotel in Braemar, Royal Deeside, where have you been?

This place underwent a glorious revival, and was transformed from a local haunt with a pinball machine into one of the most luxurious destinations in Aberdeenshire. Iwan and Manuela Wirth, owners of the globally acclaimed gallery, Hauser and Wirth, have turned it into a place of inimitable beauty, and this decadent feeling extends into The Fife Arms’ shop.

Sitting among many notable Scottish designers in their shop is Rosie Sugden, who founded her eponymous label in 2011. Placing her own brand ethos at the core of her work – to support local industry and create long-lasting products that will last a lifetime – she made this sumptuous cashmere olive-green cable knit beanie and gloves set exclusively for The Fife Arms. The cashmere feels like butter through your fingers it’s so soft, the matching set is incredibly stylish, and it does wonders to keep out those sneaky Scottish chills. In short, it’s perfect for the man of the hour who likes to step out in style!

(Note: the gloves can be purchased in both a men’s and women’s size).


Peugeot Boreal Pepper and Salt Mills, RRP £44.99 each, www.peugeot-saveurs.com/en

Did you know that long before Peugeot became a world-leader in car manufacture they invented the pepper mill? Neither did I! But it is true, the company invented the pepper grinder in 1842 and is still making high quality salt and pepper mills to this day.

I plumped for this simple Boreal grey set of salt and pepper mills to go with my dad’s kitchen. The styling is modern and the mills are made in France from sustainably-sourced beech wood and a steel grinding mechanism. Dad loves the way you can adjust the weight of the grind using the wee head screw and thinks that the mill feels robust enough to last for years. This is backed-up by the fact that Peugeot have the confidence to give a lifetime warranty to the mechanism and a five year warranty to the mill.


Bladnoch Samsara whisky RRP £80, uk.bladnoch.com

My dad loves whisky so each year I get him a different bottle, usually of something that’s not already on his shelf. This year he’s getting a bottle of Samsara, from Bladnoch, who are based in the south west of Scotland, just outside of Wigtown. It’s an area we know well and used to visit so there’s a symbolism there. Samsara means ‘rebirth’ and is a full-bodied whisky that’s a blend of malts matured in ex-Bourbon and ex-Californian red wine casks. This is a seriously decent whisky that has won gold at both the Scotch Whisky Masters and the San Francisco Spirits Competition, and it comes in a bottle that weights a ton and shouts quality.


HJ Hall underwear, from £25, www.hj.co.uk

If, like me, you’re on a mission to stop the old man wearing his budgie smuggling little briefs, consider following my example and availing him of some of HJ Hall’s new underwear collection. The cotton boxer shorts (£25 for a two-pack) come in light blue or gingham and are perfect for the summer, while the cotton stretch trunks (£25 for two-pack) come in white, blue or black and are spot-on for winter wear. As he always moans about the chill when he visits my house, I threw in thermal long johns (£25) and top (£25) to keep him warm at night. HJ Hall also do great walking socks, so are a good one-stop shop for underwear.