Fringe: Warm laughs delivery with wit and speed

A stand-up comedian’s life is a difficult one.

I know an audience’s response can blow oxygen onto the wit, speed and delivery of the patter but today Maria Shehata was on her own.

The audience mostly there as the show was a ‘voluntary contribution’ entrance fee.

Like all things in life there is a direct correlation between the perceived value of a product and its price. Her humour is mid-Atlantic, not quite British and not quite American. Her delivery is warm and fireside in style.

The material has potential: a well-travelled Coptic female Egyptian American’s view of the differences between Europe and America, love, itinerate co-habituating life with strangers and culturally coping. The delivery was at times halting and the flow between subject matter unnatural, but without crowd support and the early days of the fringe, understandable.

Perhaps this year’s Fringe is a building block in her career. She should charge a fee for sure, artists do have to live. A pleasant way to spend an unplanned hour.

Maria Shehata – Hero, 5.15pm, Old Tolbooth Market, Gilded Balloon.

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