Fringe: The Little Death Club is so alive

If I were to accidentally take a mind altering illegal substance and then slip down a bottle of vodka I suspect the world would look a lot like the Little Death Club.

This show is set in a Berlin night club in the early 1940s and hosted most wonderfully by the-in-your face Bernie Dieter.

She holds the show together with boisterous and sexy song links, in between we meet her cast of creatures of the night.

It’s an impressive menagerie too, the acts accommodate all tastes – from a beautiful male android looking ring acrobat in 6 inch Louboutin heels, Myra Dubois as the hilarious drag queen, a wonderful vignette from a French comedian and last but not least a fire eater so close to the audience you can feel the heat of the flames.

The atmosphere of The Beauty Spiegel tent re-creates the feel, vibrancy and air of illegality that adds to this crazy, wonderful, anarchic punk production of cabaret.

It is a very sad moment when the show ends, not a watch has been checked during the show and it’s with wonderment that the audience realises that an hour has passed since entering the world of Bernie Dieter.

For those that want to see what the world looks like through illegal mid altering substances, stay this side of the law and go and see this show.

Little Death Club, The Beauty, Circus Hub, Underbelly, 2000

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