Fringe: Reuben Kaye is redefining cabaret

If you think you know what good cabaret is I suggest you join Reuben Kaye to see what outstanding cabaret is all about.

His voice booms, his wit is electric and to the delight of the audience it can be aimed at a fellow member, those front row seats are for the cult followers of Kaye or the unsuspecting.

His feathered sequin costumes and affectations make Danny la Rue look like a choir boy singing the vespers.

Kaye’s show romps around his Jewish upbringing, tortuous unrequited homosexual love affairs and generally being gay in Australia.

In addition to his natural charm and wit the show is linked, fantastically well, with songs that support this tale with tongue in cheek pathos to outlandish bawdiness.

Kaye is a very imposing figure in his heels strutting around the stage and through the aisles shasaying his ponytailed microphone whilst peppering his view of the world through classical reference to art and literature. It’s outstandingly good fun.

If you’ve never been to cabaret, go see Reuben, if you have been to cabaret before, go see Kaye, if you’ve already seen Reuben Kaye, my suggestion, go again. You won’t regret it.

Reuben Kaye, Assembly Checkpoint, Assembly, 9.30pm.

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