Fringe: From Russia with confusion

The pedigree of the performers in Forest is thoroughbred, all alumni of the legendary Moscow Art Theatre established in 1898 by Stravinsky.

The performers of this prestigious theatre school are part of The Brusnikin Studio. The production, to me, was bewildering. Had I not read the leaflet beforehand I would have been at a loss as to the theme of the performance.

The last scene, had you not read the leaflet, would have cleared it up. The performance is a blend of video, music, stage design and physical theatre.

I think it would be wrong of me to award a star rating as I didn’t understand the production, but I will award it an observation.

As the final scene closed the man to my right was clapping like a seal about to be fed a bucket of mackerel, the man to my left was fast asleep.

I leave it to you to judge. Enjoy the show.

Forest, Assembly Checkpoint, Assembly, 4.40pm.