Fringe: Ciara Harvey opens up opera to all

I write this as a person with some, but limited knowledge of opera.

I was in a minority in the audience for Ciara Harvey, but the opera educated knew what they were after and they got it too.

From my perspective we were in the presence of a very talented singer – her beautiful voice could turn anyone into an opera fan; she is the poster girl for converts to opera, Scottish and home town bred too.

Her speaking voice is soft, almost inaudible, her demeanour slight and unassuming, her links between songs tell her story, be it a thanks to her parents, representing her country or adulation for a composer.

But, boy oh boy, don’t let that speaking voice deceive you. When she sings her voice is powerful, beautiful, controlled and the very timbre of her voice will remain with you long after each and every rendition.

Ciara Harvie is an enormously talented young woman. She started busking at the festival five years ago and justifiable now sings at this beautiful venue.

Her chosen range of songs are personal and range from Cinema Paradiso, Puccini, Louiguy and Sinatra.

Ciara has two more shows, my advice? Go see her now, right now, as one day she will be a star and tickets to see her will be like hens teeth, impossible to find!

Ciara Harvie, St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church, George Street, 7.30pm.

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