Fringe: 360 All Stars – loud, exciting and energetic

Hands up anyone over the age of 25 who knows what these are: B-Boy, Basketball free styling, BMX flatlanding, roue cyr wheel, beatbox and looping live?

Well, these are all part of this exciting production by 360 All Stars. All stars they are too, each of the above disciplines is represented by a world champion, one even holds the Guinness Book of Records title, and they have all been head hunted by the producer to populate this urban anarchy show.

To the background of a beatboxer and a talented drummer each performer shows us what they can do individually: on a cycle, with a basketball, on the dance floor, with a roue cyr wheel and it’s impressive!

Those world titles have been earned. Once you have marvelled at what is achievable individually they perform seamlessly together and it seems as if each of them can perform at least one of the other disciplines.

It’s loud, it’s exciting, it’s energetic and it’s well worth going to see.

For those under 25 this is a showcase in world champion talent, to those over 25 go and see this to learn what these disciplines are – it’s a marvel to behold.

360 All Stars, Gordon Aikman Theatre, George Square, Assembly, 1.30pm

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