A quick and easy recipe for chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles

Ingredients Instructions
  • 20 digestive biscuits
  • 125g butter
  • 200g condensed milk
  • 2tbsp cocoa powder
  • 125g desiccated coconut and extra for decoration (you can also use sprinkles, melted chocolate or coca powder)
  • In a plastic bag crush the digestive biscuits using a rolling pin.
  • Put the butter and the condensed milk into a pan and melt the butter over a low heat. Leave to cool slightly.
  • Add the biscuits, cocoa and coconut to the butter and condensed milk and stir together. make sure it is well stirred.
  • Form the mixture into truffles about the size of a golf ball. Top tip - Dip your hands in a little water between truffle to avoid sticking.
  • Roll the truffles in coconut (or chosen decoration)

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