Learn more about Scotland’s fishing industry

The documentary series looking at Scotland’s fishing industry continues this week.

The second episode of the new series of Fish Town, catches up with the Westro, skippered by James West.

It has been fishing in the North Sea for three days hunting prawns but so far the crew has struggled to find the catch. James launched Westro just two months ago, costing him over £2 million so he needs to see an improvement in the fishing if he is going to earn a good wage for himself and the crew.

James makes the brave decision to sail 120 miles to the other side of the North Sea hoping to find more prawns and salvage this trip. The hauls don’t improve though and James heaves up a net full of mud causing damage to the nets. The crew is left pinning its hopes on the final haul before heading for home to make the trip worthwhile.

On Scotland’s west coast, Peterhead trawler Ocean Endeavour skippered by John Buchan is heading out to remote fishing grounds 300 miles into the North Atlantic. On board is new recruit 17-year-old Gavin Burnett who has been given some new responsibilities for this trip – bringing the fish on board and cooking for the crew.

They’re bringing in big hauls of haddock but with good fishing comes hard work and after two days of non-stop action, exhaustion catches up with Gavin and his attention to detail starts to slip.

After returning to harbour it’s the social highlight of every fisherman’s year, the Fishing News Awards. Westro skipper James is nominated for Fisherman of the Year and rookie Gavin is hoping to land  the Trainee of the Year award.

Fish Town will be shown today, Monday 27 January, on BBC One Scotland from 7.30–8pm.