Following the lives of Scots who live with the tide

The lives of Scots who live by the sea are being featured on TV this weekend.

In Living with the Tide, we meet the people who depend on the tide for their living, those whose lifestyle revolves around its ebb and flow, as well as those for whom changes to tidal patterns threaten their whole way of life.

Tidal awareness is a vital part of coastal rowing, and viewers follow ‘An Eathar’, a club on the Isle of Lewis as they plan an outing on their skiff, ‘Yackydoola’.

The skipper of the unique car ferry which operates between the mainland and the Isle of Skye must also learn to work with the tide to bring the passengers safely across this ancient and scenic route.

And we see how people overseas live with the tide too. We see how a thrilling annual beach horse race is held on a date dictated by the tides on Omey, an Irish tidal island.

Meanwhile in China the programme discovers what new employment the fishermen on the vast Xiapu mudflats have found from the beauty of what the tide uncovers.

Telling the stories of coastal dwellers, and with stunning aerial photography, this episode shows how, in an age of rising sea levels, we are all having to adapt to live with the tide.

Living with the Tide will be shown on Saturday, January 15, on BBC ALBA, from 7-8pm.