Find out about the lives of Scotland’s fishermen

The cameras return to Peterhead tonight to capture the lives of the people working at sea and on land to put fish on our plates.

Focussed on the UK’s biggest fishing port, the second series of Fish Town provides a compelling insight into a community that relies on the success of the boats returning from their frequently challenging trawls on the North Sea, through another six fascinating episodes.

In this first episode, skipper James West heads out in search of prawns. His new trawler, the Westro, has cost £2 million so the pressure is on to make catches that will consistently bring high returns. After a series of small catches, the crew work in the dark in a bid to increase their haul before returning to port.

Meanwhile in nearby Fraserburgh, scientist Aisling joins the crew of the Zenith to collect data for the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation.

Skipper Adam Robertson is sceptical of the old nautical superstition that women on board can bring bad luck and is happy for Aisling to carry out her important scientific work.

Back on dry land, fishmonger Stephen Bruce is up early to join the auction at the Peterhead fish market before driving around the nearby communities with his van full of the freshest produce.

Fish Town is a Firecrest Film series for BBC One Scotland.

It will be shown on Monday, 20 January, on BBC One Scotland from 7.30–8pm.