Designer DC Singh is taking fashion to the next level

DC Singh is taking the fashion world to another level with his Designs and Brands featuring in Vogue, Tatler, GQ and Grazia.

Thinking about starting your own business in 2022 but daunted by all that it entails? Take inspiration from self-made success Didar Singh Chalana – or DC Singh, for short – who is making waves in the business world with his multiple business endeavours. Spanning everything from luxury fashion to food and now, technology, his ever-expanding empire is the perfect example of what is possible if you have the drive and determination to make something happen.

But with every great success, there’s a backstory – so what exactly did it take for DC to make the move from obscurity to widespread recognition?

Entrepreneurship, it seems, was always in his blood, and he had a passion for coming up with big ideas and even bigger dreams from a young age. It was his love of fashion that spurred him on to create his first business – Edinburgh Cashmere – back in 2008, when, whilst working as a sales assistant, he was the first person to recognise that Edinburgh had the largest number of cashmere shops in the world.

It was this that sparked his inspiration to create the brand, and after hours of relentless research and unwavering dedication to the project, he went on to achieve his goal of becoming one of the top designers, manufacturers and wholesalers of pure cashmere and pure lambswool in the UK and Europe.

Just recently, DC has also gone on to successfully launch Edinburgh Cashmere in the United Arab Emirates, so it certainly appears that the world is his oyster – and with numerous other business endeavours now under his belt, including fashion labels Edinburgh Lambswool, Clans Cashmere, DC Designs and menswear brand DC Milan, he still maintains that he’s only just getting started.

Overseeing every aspect of his production in his own factory, from design all the way through to completion, DC prides himself on continuing to deal directly with sustainable cashmere and lambswool farms, ensuring that each garment produced is of the utmost in quality.

Known for his now iconic Monogram and Jacquard designs, which feature his DC monogram logo – DC also created what he describes as one of the world’s most famous designs – the DC Classic Check. His new 2022 collection of scarves, stoles and capes is set to make waves in the fashion industry over the coming months, and with a quick glance at what is in store, it’s easy to see why.


His unwavering dedication to quality has seen him collaborate with multi-millionaire Italian and French fashion brands on a variety of high-profile projects, and most recently, he even branched out into supplying premier football clubs with merchandise. But while there’s no denying that fashion is his first love, his broad skillset and range of talents have seen him expand his business expertise elsewhere, and currently, he is working on a soon-to-be-launched healthy fast food company called DC Tasty.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s now dipping his toe into the world of technology, where he is also working all hours to create a mobile taxi app which will see taxi drivers making more money and customers making huge savings while travelling in a more sustainable way. While it has yet to launch officially, it’s only a matter of time before this exciting new application bursts onto the scene – and with a number of other apps also in the pipeline from DC, it appears he has plenty more up his sleeve to follow.

Working alongside multinational businesses and investors and providing companies and brands with advice on how to further develop and grow their businesses, so experienced is DC in the entrepreneurial space that he is now using his know-how to help others to see success. Along with this DC is also expanding his impressive property portfolio by moving into the building sector using the latest hi tech and environmentally friendly building techniques. But it has taken over fourteen years of hard work to get here, and a considerable amount of risk-taking and trial-and-error along the way.

His business acumen and celebrity status have even seen himself and his company’s brands appearing in prestigious media titles including GQ, Tatler, Grazia and both the UK and USA editions of Vogue.

With some exciting things in store for 2022, we’re on the edge of our seats to see what DC’s next business endeavour will be – and as a man of many talents, we’re certain he won’t disappoint.