Keep smooth, sleek and hydrated with these beauty buys

I’ve decided to finally make my peace with the fact that we’re firmly in the grips of Autumn.

That means digging out the thick socks, heavy jackets and all the other freeze fighting paraphernalia. In truth, I actually enjoy wrapping up and embracing the crisp days and cosy evenings and more often than not, using it as an excuse to stock up on carbs.

One thing that the drop in temperature can bring about is a mean case of dry skin. In a bid to combat this, I’ve been trying out Angela Langford’s Thirsty Work Moisturiser. Packed with rosehip, raspberry and chia seed which are said to prevent your skin from future damage, the formula also smells lovely.


Vitamins A & C are blended with Q10 and arctic blackcurrants to repel wrinkles, whilst hyaluronic acid keeps skin hydrated. I’d certainly agree with the hydration part but I’ve learned to use the cream sparingly as it is rather rich which doesn’t bode well for someone with occasional mild adult acne flare ups. It might even be worth using this one once every other day more as a booster.

At £37.50 for 50ml, it’s not cheap but it’s lovely to know that it is made in Britain and is 99% natural.

As we enter the colder months, the idea of luxuriating in a long, hot bath is idyllic, but of course finding the time in this busy world can be difficult. All the more reason, I say, to make sure the products you’re using feel like sheer luxury and leave you feeling revived, relaxed and refreshed.

Olverum’s bath oil, which contains ten pure essential oils, is a revelation. Though the £35.00 price tag for 125ml, or £62.00 for 150ml seemed steep, the highly concentrated oil meant a little went a long way, and its scent was incredibly relaxing. The room filled with a beautiful eucalyptus scent, mixed with a dash of lavender and lemon, but wasn’t overwhelming.

The brand was originally created in 1931 by Franz Otto Klein, a wine merchant who developed a keen interest in the beneficial properties of natural essential oils, and his wife Edith, an accomplished pharmacologist – and they certainly knew what they were doing. Their closely guarded formula, which has been passed down the generations, left my skin feeling silky but not greasy.

After a busy week, it really left me feeling relaxed, and I will absolutely be indulging in it throughout the winter months.

Winner of Best Bath Oil at Tatler Magazine Beauty Awards 2018.
125ml, £35.00 – enough for 25 baths
250ml, £62.00 – enough for 50 baths
Travel set, £24.00 – enough for 9 baths or visit Liberty or Fenwick.

As a lady with naturally curly hair, I like to mix it up from time to time by opting for a sleek style. That’s why when I got the chance to review the new Glamoriser Straight & Smooth Speed Brush, I was keen to see what kind of magic this new device might work on my wild mop.

Product features include unique triple action hot & cool bristle technology for fast detangling and straightening, black diamond infused bristles, fast heat up & recovery, variable heat settings (reaching 210 degrees) and a 3m swivel cord.

This styling tool is only to be used on dry hair so once that’s out the way, I found the best approach was to section my hair, the same way I would when using my straightners. My hair was definitely smoother but still didn’t quite match the level of the straightners. For thicker and wavier or curly hair, it’s best to stick to small sections or if you just want a quick bit of smoothing then it’s still a great device and because it’s also a brush, I found it did save a bit of time.

Priced at £69.99 the Glamoriser is much cheaper than the leading straightners out there. It could be worth investing in this as an alternative and from what I could see, a less damaging smoothing tool.

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