Equestrian at Kilgraston
Equestrian at Kilgraston

Uncover true potential at Kilgraston School

Every school claims to be special, but when visitors come to Kilgraston, they say that this school feels ‘feel different’… and that’s because it is.

Kilgraston have got the outstanding academic results; they’ve got the state of the art sports facilities, the only onsite school equestrian centre in Scotland, exceptional pastoral care and 54 acres of beautiful parkland for girls to enjoy.

They have got everything to offer their pupils, and it is rivalled only by the inspiring teaching that challenges the girls to aim at the highest level, and enables them to attain it. Kilgraston truly believe there should be no limit on personal or professional ambition, and the girls are a testament to that.

Equestrian at Kilgraston

Happiness is at the heart of everything they do. Each pupil is a key member of the ‘Kilgraston Family’ where individuality is celebrated and every girl is encouraged to grow, learn and mature in an atmosphere of freedom and opportunity.

When a pupil joins Kilgraston, they join an international community where they form lifelong friendships, as well as exposure to different cultures, that only enhances their learning experience and cultivates a cultural awareness.

Underpinning all of this is Kilgraston’s belief that a single sex education enables girls to be more successful.

Boarders at Kilgraston

Dorothy MacGinty, Kilgraston’s headmistress, said: ‘The single sex education we offer is of great benefit because the girls are free to take risks in their learning and without being ridiculed or laughed at if it is not successful. In co-educational schools they are much less likely to take risk.’

Thanks to the freedom that an all-girls education provides, Kilgraston girls have the confidence to follow the path they want to, and are not contained within the parameters of gender stereotyping.

In 2019, 65% of Kilgraston girls were offered places to study STEM subjects at undergraduate level and every pupil leaving Kilgraston went to study at the university of their choice.

STEM subjects at Kilgraston

Kilgraston School really is different. Their girls have the confidence to choose their own path, and the school gives them the skills and support they need to uncover their potential and start their journey.

Mrs MacGinty added: ‘We would be delighted to welcome you, and your daughters, to Kilgraston and encourage you to come and see the difference for yourself.’

The next open afternoon takes place on 27 March, from 2–4pm. Visit the Kilgraston website HERE, or contact the school for more information by email at admissions@kilgraston.com or call 01738 812 257.