Junior 1 celebrate their first 100 Days of Learning

This month has marked exactly 100 days of learning for Junior 1 pupils at the High School of Glasgow.

Sharing Our Learning events are an important feature of the junior school calendar, however, due to COVID, it hasn’t been possible to run these events as normal in School for the past two years.

However, this didn’t stop the Junior 1 class who had a unique plan to share their learning. Together with their teachers, the Junior 1s worked hard to produce 100 Days Smarter presentations to showcase everything they’ve learnt and celebrate the knowledge and skills they have gained so far.

These 100 Days Smarter presentations were then shared with families via digital platform, Seesaw. Junior 1 pupils were encouraged to guide their parents through their personal presentation.

Maggie Pollock, deputy head teacher of the High School of Glasgow Junior School (Learning and Teaching), said: ‘This 100 Days Smarter celebration marked a momentous milestone for our Junior 1. It was a moment to take stock of the knowledge they have gained and the skills they have developed across their first 100 days at school.

‘It provided both a valuable insight into the Junior 1 experience and a moment to celebrate achievements so far.’

The junior school is opening its doors from Monday March 7 to Friday March 11 to prospective pupils to Discover Memorable Learning. Interested families can register for this event which will give children the chance to experience a day in the life of a junior school pupil.

They are also running parent information sessions on Tuesday 8 March, from 4pm, or Wednesday 9 March, from 7pm, for parents to meet with the senior leadership team and current parents.

Those interested can register HERE.