The November 2019 issue of Scottish Field is out now

Scottish Field heads north with the release of our November 2019 issue.

Our cover features The Isle of Staffa’s magnificent geological beauty, which acted as the perfect muse for photographer Samuel Hess, in our photo feature.

We also feature pretty walks and picnic spots in Moray, Speyside and the Cairngorms.

As we explore the north of Scotland, Morag Bootland visits the Scottish Dolphin Centre in Moray to find out about these much-loved creatures.

Wildlife expert Cal Flyn uncovers the elusive ptarmigan, and in our field sports column, Michael Wigan loves nothing more than a classic fishing tale, but recent fungal infestations threaten to ruin the fun.

We also head off-road as Scottish Field’s favourite 4x4s are unveiled

Editor Richard Bath said: ‘The eagerly-anticipated new Land Rover Defender has finally been unveiled – sadly, not to universal acclaim, but that’s a story for another day. In the circumstances, it seems entirely fitting that our esteemed motoring correspondent Neil Lyndon should use this issue to unveil his pick of the year’s best 4x4s.

‘As someone who lives down a steep hill in a quiet rural area that gets deluged with snow every year, no-one is more aware of the need for a car with passable 4×4 capabilities than Neil. As such, he’s become something of an expert on the various styles and levels of 4×4 on offer, and provides characteristically pithy and spot-on advice on which model has most impressed him in each of the classes.

‘As ever, we’d love to hear your views on his choices – and let us know if you’ve got a stonker of an off-roader that you think we’ve missed.’

We also go back to basics as Joanna Blythman sets us straight on vegan and vegetarian diets.

Richard added: ‘Joanna Blythman is an award-winning investigative journalist who writes fearlessly about a subject that is close to all our hearts: food.

‘In her first column for Scottish Field, Joanna examines the increasingly topical subject of the headlong charge towards a vegetarian and vegan diet, asking whether this is desirable.

‘Her thoughts on this lifestyle and its suitability for Scotland makes for thought-provoking reading. It’s time to start a debate on this important subject rather than be browbeaten into submission on a false prospectus.’

In our regular columns, Alexander McCall Smith explains why some things are best forgotten, Alan Cochrane worries that rural crime is set to rise, Fiona Armstrong discusses the struggles of imparting wisdom on others, and though it pains Guy Grieve to bring his boat in for repair, he is pleasantly surprised by what he finds on land.

There’s all this, plus our regular features on whisky, property, homes, gardens and luxury living.