The April 2022 Scottish Field is out now

The April 2022 edition of Scottish Field is now available to buy in shops and online, as we put out magnifying glass on beautiful Perthshire.

The artistic director of Pitlochry Festival Theatre talks with SF about her creative plans for the future, while Perthshire artist Claire Harkess shares how she crafts her beautiful paintings of flora and fauna.

Astrid Wilson goes on a trip down memory lane by revisiting Perthshire, the place she fled to from Estonia.

Just before The Glenturret Lalique Restaurant earned its first Michelin star, the Mystery Diner was treated to a world-class meal, and they share their thoughts.

Editor Richard Bath said: ‘I’ve written before about buying an old church on Loch Tummel, but I’ve never mentioned what awaited me when I arrived there.

‘It was a letter addressed to “The New Owner” from a lady who now lives hundreds of miles away. Written in a neat, careful script, its contents informed me that, as the stepdaughter of a former minister of the kirk, she spent some really important years at the church as a young child in the late 1940s. She would, she told me, dearly like to know how the old place was faring in her absence.

‘So I got in contact, and got far, far more than I had bargained for. What unfolded was an extraordinary tale of war and of peace, and of attitudes that existed 75 years ago which are thankfully no more than a dim memory. Astrid Wilson has written of her brief time in Perthshire for us, and it was a chastening read for me, as someone who has met nothing but kindness in the same community. How times change.

‘Astrid’s touching reminiscence is part of a focus this month on the county of Perthshire, which continues to be a place that combines an incredible range of natural beauty with a vibrant cultural life.

‘We look at one of the main artistic driving forces at Pitlochry’s remarkable theatre, speak to a Perthshire artist with a love of the natural world and a penchant for experimenting with form, and our lucky restaurant reviewer tries out a stellar new venue in Crieff.’

In our other features, award-winning crime writer Denise Mina speaks of her latest release and her obsession with all things historical, while in our Credo column, leading stage star Maureen Beattie talks of her love of Scotland, then explains why 1Direction singer Harry Styles is her hero.

Landscape and natural history photographer Duncan Fraser seeks to conserve Scotland’s wilderness, while in wildlife, Cal Flyn explains how we can all take action to protect our country’s bumbling pollinators.

And the Bad Girl Bakery’s Jeni Iannetta shares some scrumptious recipes from her new baking bible.

In our regular columns, Countryman Guy Grieve puts pen to paper in a bid to right the wrongs of market giant Airbnb, Alexander McCall Smith’s library is packed full of dictionaries which are a colourful source of entertainment, the Chief undertakes a Springtime diet, but Fiona Armstrong has her reservations, fishing expert Michael Wigan explains how salmon may well be able to adapt to life in a warmer world, Blair Bowman sees a glimmer of hope for the whisky industry as talks for a trade deal with India continue, and in motoring, Neil Lyndon takes Hyundai’s Genesis for a spin and finds it is masterfully crafted inside and out

The April edition priced £4.75 is now available in shops and online, and can be purchased from HERE.