Show your love for Glencoe this Valentine’s Day

The National Trust for Scotland is asking people to show their love for Glencoe this February by giving a Hug of Heather.

This new campaign will help thatch the roof on a reconstruction of a long-lost 17th century turf cottage.

Six hundred hug sizes bundles of heather are required for the roof of the turf house, which is being carefully crafted to give a glimpse of how Highlanders lived and worked in the 17th century in Scotland’s most famous glen.

People can donate to get a ‘hug’ of heather in their name or a loved one’s. Supporters will receive a Hug of Heather card to personalise and their own packet of heather seeds to give to their Valentine or to plant at home, offering a long-lasting reminder of the contribution they’ve made to Scotland’s heritage.

Emily Bryce, operations Manager at Glencoe, said: ‘Giving a hug of heather is a Valentines gift with a difference – perfect for those looking for a thoughtful expression of their affection for a loved one who shares their passion for Scotland’s mountain heritage.

‘We’ve already had so much support for our campaign to unearth the forgotten history of Glencoe and this project wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of our supporters.’

The turf houses at Glencoe will be built using traditional techniques and materials, including turf, stone, timber, heather, wattle and earth. The replica will help give a glimpse of how people once lived and worked in Scotland’s most famous glen, and, keep alive fast-vanishing historic construction skills.

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Donations start at £20 for one hug of heather and you can find out more about the campaign at

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