Interest in St Andrew’s Day is growing globally

Interest in Scotland’s patron saint’s national day is on the increase.

Data provider SEMrush has been analaysing online searches, and finds that interest in Scotland increases ahead of St Andrew’s Day on 30 November.

SEMrush analysed the most searched St Andrews Day queries that the Scottish public and the world have been looking up online.

These include popular Scottish recipes, songs and local languages amongst others. The full rundown of the research is below.

The most popular St Andrew’s Day food is – apparently – Scotch eggs (from Oct 2018 to Nov 2018).

In time for St Andrewโ€™s Day last year, Scottish searches for Scotch eggs soared โ€“ with a 830% increase between October and November, leaping from 1300 to 12100.

UK searches for Scotch eggs jumped from 18,100 to 60,500 in the same period.

Pride in our national dishes was also on the rise (from 2016 to 2019). Scottish searches for Haggis have skyrocketed year on year. The rise shows: 2016 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 120,900; 2017 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 169,200; 2018 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 206,100; 2019 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 248,600.

Searches for Cullen Skink have also increased dramatically in the same time period: 2016 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 44,800; 2017 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 54,800; 2018 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 69,600; 2019 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 83,400.

Scottish searches for ‘How to celebrate St Andrews Day’ have also soared by 5233% (from 2015 to 2018): 2015 (Nov) โ€“ 30; 2016 (Nov) โ€“ 90; 2017 (Nov) โ€“ 90; 2018 (Nov) โ€“ 1600.

Meanwhile, from 2016 to 2019, global searches for St Andrews Day have increased by almost 50000 since 2016.

2016 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 107,500; 2017 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 127,000; 2018 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 149,200; 2019 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 150800.

Global searches for โ€˜learn Gaelicโ€™ have increased since 2016 (from 2016 to 2019): 2016 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 54,200; 2017 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 56,600; 2018 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 59,000; 2019 (Jan to Oct) โ€“ 60,000.