Dalkeith Palace to stage an arts and ornamental event

Dalkeith Palace is set to open its doors for Art and Ornament, an exhibition celebrating 300 years of Master Carver Grinling Gibbons.

Taking place from April 15 to 18, Art and Ornament is a collaboration with the Master Carvers’ Association and friends, to commemorate and celebrate the legendary Baroque Master, Grinling Gibbons.

The tercentenary of Grinling Gibbons, is an anniversary Association has chosen to mark with a demonstration of current practice that brings to life the legacy of Gibbons’ influence. More than 40 artists and makers from all over Britain will be exhibiting in Dalkeith Palace at this exclusive event.

Dalkeith Palace is the perfect setting for Art and Ornament given that Anna, 1st Duchess of Buccleuch, commissioned Gibbons to create several standout features within The Palace when she was re-visioning the existing Dalkeith Castle she had inherited from her forbears as a grand classical palace on a par with European palaces of the time.

Gibbons’ work in Dalkeith Palace includes an impressive overmantel – Neptune Summoning Galatea – which will be on view for visitors to see.

Marble Hands by Gillian Forbes

The work of 40 artists inspired by Gibbons’ work will be on display at Art and Ornament with some works for sale. Artists include Conrad Lindley-Thomson, Gillian Forbes, Hugh Buchanan, Tim Wright, Simon Smith, Graciela Ainsworth and David Roberson.

Art and Ornament in Conversation, on April 15, from 9am-1pm, will also be held, sharing and celebrating contemporary and historic perspectives in Gibbons’ tercentenary year. Speakers include Ian Gow, Graciela Ainsworth, Holly Trusted, Hugh Buchanan, Tim Wright, Crispin Powell and Hugh Wedderburn. TIckets are £12.50. This will be followed by an exhibition tour.

A full list of artists and exhibitors is available HERE.

Art and Ornament will from from 1-4pm on 15 April, and from 10am-4pm from April 16-18, with exhibition tickets £3 for adults, and children go free.

For more info on what’s on at Dalkeith Park, visit www.dalkeithcountrypark.co.uk and www.restorationyard.com.