Dougie MacLean.

Caledonia writer pens new song for clan gathering

Dougie MacLean, famous for writing the Scottish folk ballad Caledonia, is to record a new music video for the Maclean Clan Virtual Gathering event in June.

The event, usually held on the Isle of Mull, will take place online between 22 and 26 June and will feature a wealth of talent, including the famous MacLean Brothers who broke three world records in 2020 in a race rowing the Atlantic.

A varied and interesting programme of events will provide entertainment for the hundreds planning to attend, including behind-the-scenes tours of Duart Castle, a virtual ghost walk, and talks from renowned whisky experts Charlie and Hector Maclean.

Event-goers will also enjoy a selection of song and dance from talented Mull musicians and performers, and contributors from around the globe.

Clan Chief, Sir Lachlan Maclean of Duart, said: ‘We are delighted that Dougie MacLean is recording a new music video for our event. His famous Caledonia was written when he was homesick for Scotland.

‘Our Clan Gathering is more important than ever in these difficult times, to come together to reinforce our common bond of family and fellowship. We have a superb line up of events celebrating the Clan’s history and heritage, music and traditions.

Dougie MacLean at home in his beloved Perthshire (Photo: Angus Blackburn)

‘Previous gatherings have attracted almost 1,000 people from around the globe. This year’s virtual event is set to be even bigger as many more clan family members will be able to attend from every corner of the world and we look forward to welcoming everyone.’

The event is free to attend, and registration opens on Tuesday June 8 at

When the Macleans gathered at Lichd Lee, on the Isle of Mull, in 2012, it was a social gathering where clansfolk from around the world could enjoy the company of their extended worldwide family.

Lichd Lee was the site where Clan Maclean sharpened their swords on a rocky outcrop before heading into the Battle of Bloody Bay in 1480, the start of a violent bloody feud between the Macleans and the Macdonalds which lasted 100 years.

Centuries of conflict passed and Maclean lands and Duart Castle changed hands many times. In 1912, Sir Fitzroy Maclean, bought back and rebuilt Duart Castle, welcoming his clans people to the Castle in celebration, he said: ‘I have restored Duart Castle for my family – the Clan.’

Clans people arrived from Oban to Duart by steamer and were ferried ashore by tender. The ladies dressed in the beautiful, but cumbersome, Edwardian fashion of the day with long dresses and wide hats. The gentlemen; moustachioed and magnificent, in the finest of tartan dress or Sunday best.

Ewan, Jamie and Lachlan MacLean, the record breaking rowers

This was a great event and since then many gatherings, large and public and small and intimate, have been held at Duart Castle on its iconic site guarding the Sound of Mull, with the recent gatherings welcoming around 1,000 members from around the globe.

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