Lord Cardross was our cover star in August 1921
Lord Cardross was our cover star in August 1921

A trip down memory lane with Scottish Field

Scottish Field has been in print for well over a century,  and in that time, we’ve changed a lot.

For example, did you know that the magazine was originally  called The Scottish Field? And we were ‘devoted to manly sport and outdoor life’?

Looking back to 1921, the people were living in a country still recovering from the devastation of the Great War, and  that year saw one of the worst financial recessions in  history.

Only a decade earlier over 44% of overseas investment could be traced back to Great Britain. However, with the outbreak of World War I, all trading had ceased.

Lord Cardross was our cover star in August 1921

Men of fighting age were sent to Ypres and the Somme, nearly a million never returned, and the two million who did were severely injured.

For The Scottish Field life went on. In this fascinating interwar era, Scottish high society appear almost unaffected attending hunts, balls, and sporting events.

However, the clues of a deeply affected country are there…

Each cover, not yet in colour, featured a notable figure of interest. Inside we are allowed a glimpse into their grand homes. Lord Cardross, heir to the Earldom of Buchan, featured on the August cover at his home in Haddingtonshire, which was renamed East Lothian later that very year.

Here are some of our adverts from the time too.

An advert for Chauffeurs’ complete outfits from Paisleys Limited in Glasgow

Ransomes’ Lawn Mowers offers state of the art equipment, for motor, horse, pony donkey and hand machines

The ‘aristocrat of the umbrella world’ was the Royal Drooko from Glasgow


A name that’s still around today is Burberry – although the styles have changed over the last 97 years