We’ve an exclusive preview of new whisky book

A full colour guide to Scotland’s whisky distilleries across all regions, aimed at whisky fans and the many tourists visiting the country each year, is being released next month.

Whisky, a major industry in Scotland which ties in both with the country’s history and present-day attraction, has been boosted thanks to a modern-day surge in interest, with more whisky drinkers and enthusiasts than ever.

This book, edited By Matt Falcus, celebrates Scotland’s whisky producing heritage and looks at the current distilleries operating across the country, in the Campbeltown, Highland, Islay, Lowland and Speyside regions.

Each distillery covered in the book features information about its history, important milestones and product ranges. Each is also illustrated with professional photographs of their buildings, location and bottles.

The distilleries that have visitor centres are covered in more detail, as these are the ones that act as tourist attractions and a draw to visitors.

Read some sample pages from the book HERE – Scottish Whisky Distillery Spreads NEW

Maps show off the locations of the whisky producing regions, and of each individual distillery.

The book is not a critique or product tasting guide, but a celebration of the distilleries (including recently opened ones) that make whisky so important to Scotland.

This colourful, photographic book will entertain both the whisky enthusiast and the tourist planning a trip to Scotland. It acts as both tour guide and whisky guide.

It will be released on 24 June, and can be ordered directly from the publishers at www.destinworld.com.

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