The Tootle-Hooter is a fun read for the wee ones

A new humorous Scottish book for children based around the Highlands, wildlife and bagpipes has been released.

Jan Hannah, who lived in Kirriemuir, is the writer of The Tootle-Hooter and Bluebell’s Stolen Smile.

Jan’s lived an extraordinary life, having been born in Scotland before moving to Australia as a child, then returned at the age of 10. She’s lived in a tiny Bulgarian village, llustrated wildlife books and taught art at the now-closed Noranside Prison, as well as painted in the mountains of Portugal.

The Tootle-Hooter and Bluebell’s Stolen Smile took Jan two years to write and illustrate, and follows pretty kitten Bonnie Wee Bluebelle, after a nasty wildcat steals her smile – and the local woodland creatures band together to get it back by creating a device known as a ‘tootle-hooter’ – or bagpipes!

Writer/artist Jan Hannah

Jan hopes the book may end up in Scottish schools and libraries.

She said: ‘I’d be more than delighted to see my book in primary schools and libraries because apart from being fun, it’s educational with over 100 species of Scottish flora and fauna – I used to be a wildlife illustrator.’

The book was given an extra bit of publicity recently when her son Scott (31), who teaches the pipes, and lives in Australia, where he’s part of the Western Australia Police Pipe Band. He was with them when they won the 2015 World Pipe Band Championship.

The Tootle-Hooter and Bluebell’s Stolen Smile by Jan Hannah is available from Stour Valley Publishing, RRP £7.99.

For more information, and to order, visit HERE.