The Highland Battles chronicles Scottish wars

Chris Peers is an expert at bringing medieval warfare to life and The Highland Battles is no exception.

He delves into the rarely studied wars fought in the Highlands between the ninth and fourteenth centuries.

Most notably the battles of Skitton Moor, Renfrew and Clairdon are explored.

Peers breaks down each battle by date, who was involved, where it was and the eventual outcome. This allows for even Scottish history novices to grasp what is happening.

The author even goes as far as to include descriptions of what is left of these battlefields and how to get there – ideal for the summer of ‘staycations’ we have ahead.

Peers has produced a well researched, well structured and very readable book. This is a must-read for those with a thirst for information.

The Highland Battles: Warfare on Scotland’s Northern Frontier in the Early Middle Ages, by Chris Peers, published by Pen & Sword, £25.

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