Plans for defending the nation are mapped out

Two map experts explore the extraordinarily rich legacy of Scottish military mapping over the course of the last five centuries in Scotland: Defending the Nation.

Carolyn Anderson and Christopher Fleet’s research includes fortification plans, reconnaissance mapping, battle plans, tactical maps and plans of mines.

The book also explores a number of unrealised proposals and projected schemes. This is the first time some of the maps have ever been published in book form.

The many striking images range in colour, size and detail and help to depict a fully rounded picture of how Scotland has defended itself in the face of war.

Particularly interesting highlights include maps created during the Jacobite uprising and an evacuation map of Scotland, along with plans from the German enemy for an invasion during the Second World War.

There are detailed explanations of each image providing helpful context and background information.

This is an extensive and thorough history lesson with an abundance of visual representations which serve to convey both the complexities of strategic warfare and Scotland’s military past.

Scotland: Defending the Nation, by Carolyn Anderson and Christopher Fleet, published by Birlinn, £30.

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