The Art of Moy MacKay (Photo: Colin Hattersley)
The Art of Moy MacKay (Photo: Colin Hattersley)

Painter releases her third book in the Borders

Internationally renowned Scottish felt painter Moy Mackay recently launched her third book, The Art of Moy MacKay, in the Scottish Borders.

Moy’s latest book comes in the wake of the success of her best-selling book Art in Felt & Stitch followed by Flowers in Felt & Stitch, which to date has sold well over 30,000 copies.

Following the popularity of her very recent tutoring tour of Canada it looks highly likely that her latest publication will achieve equal success.

Fittingly, designer of The Great Tapestry of Scotland, Moy’s cousin Andrew Crummy opened the launch at The Haining House, in Selkirk.

He said: ‘It is an honour to introduce Moy Mackay and her new book.

‘As the designer of The Great Tapestry of Scotland I know through the many embroiderers I meet how they hold Moy and her warmth, craft and artistic skill in high regard.

‘Both Moy and I take inspiration not only from the many strong women in our family but also from our late uncle and artist John Prentice who encouraged us all to be creative. Moy is a true inspiration to us all.’

Speaking to a delighted crowd who braved ‘severe weather warnings’ of high winds, rain and flooding, to join her in this celebration of the launch of this, her third book, Moy replied: ‘It seemed fitting to have Andrew launch my book. We both explore fibre-based art forms so I was certain that my book launch guests would be delighted to meet him.

‘On graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 1990, I moved to a flat at The Haining, where I set up my first studio, working in an old stable block. It was from these humble beginnings in this idyllic setting that my love of the Borders and particularly the Tweed, Ettrick and Yarrow Valleys began.

‘Myself and the former owner of The Haining, Andrew Nimmo-Smith would often talk about the future of the property.

‘I suggested some sorts of art-related centre would be great and so was thrilled when it was bequeathed to the people of Selkirkshire for such a purpose.

The Art of Moy MacKay (Photo: Colin Hattersley)

‘I knew intuitively that it would be the ideal venue in which to launch my third book and my new exhibition and I’m delighted that today has proved me right. I feel Andrew Nimmo Smith would have been thrilled to know this too.’

The Haining Charitable Trust, along with its many dedicated volunteers were equally delighted when during her launch, Moy gifted one of her new paintings to them as a gesture of thanks for all the inspiration she had received from this very special place and its people.

Kathleen Soriano, Independent Curator and Sky Arts Landscape and Portrait Artist of the Year Judge has previously said: ‘Moy Mackay is a true master of her craft. Her generosity in sharing her skill, and encouraging others to tap into their creativity through this book/guide, is a testament to Moy’s role as champion of this very distinct art form that she has made wholly her own.

‘Moy Mackay can rest assured that she has shown the world that fibre and felting, in her hands, rightly deserve a place at the high table of art.’

Lavishly illustrated throughout with stunning examples of her own fine art, The Art of Moy Mackay to discover their own inner artist and to follow the detailed instructions and illustrations that will lead them to create their own works of art.

Published in hardback, The Art of Moy Mackay was commissioned by Search Press, publishers of the UK’s finest art and craft books. UK price: £19.99.