New Lanark preparing for its first book festival

New Lanark World Heritage Site is hold its first Book Festival for children next weekend.

As a historic hub of learning and leisure, on Saturday 14 September, visitors can meet and chat with award-winning children’s authors Chae Strathie and Keith Charters in interactive and engaging sessions.

Chae Strathie is the author of many funny fabulous and whimsical stories like Jumblebum, The Fabulous Flapdoodles and T-Rex on Tour, What if you had a dinosaur as a penpal? and What was it like to be a kid in ancient Egypt? Chae’s books are recommended for age 4-7 year olds.

Keith Charters will also be at New Lanark , when visitors can meet the character of his books, Lee and his family, on their hilarious adventures. What would you do if there were Consul Mutants taking over the world or you were the first kid in space? Keith’s books are recommended for age 8-12 year olds.

For only £5 per child, children can be transported into the magical world of literature with Scotland’s best children’s authors at New Lanark.

Tickets can be booked via