It’s the perfect guide to the best whiskies around

Whisky expert Dominic Roskrow has crafted the ultimate manual to help experts and beginners appreciate Scotland’s national drink.

His genuine passion for whisky shines through, and in this book he showcases over 750 varieties of the iconic Scottish drink. He also includes a step-by-step guide on the art of whisky tasting, its journey to our glass via grain and distillery, and the different ways it is produced, not just in Scotland but all over the world.

This comprehensive guidebook pulls together the past, present and future of the dram, focusing on pioneering, established and emerging craft distilleries.

So whether you fancy yourself as a whisky connoisseur, or you just want to learn more about one of the world’s favourite tipples, Roskrow has produced a definitive and unmissable guide to the ever-changing and expanding world of whisky.

The World’s Best Whiskies, by Dominic Roskrow, published by Jacqui Small Publishing, £28.

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