D for Dumfries in this handy guide to the south

Known as ‘The Queen of the South’, Dumfries is laid out for all to see in this A-Z.

Don’t mistake it for a collection of road maps though, this book instead weaves its way through history, famous residents and current hidden gems. In some ways, it’s really a love letter to the market town.

Smith and Kirk really get down to the detail of Dumfries. The self proclaimed ‘most exciting’ entry in the book is a medieval stone carving found perched above the local chippy.

The carving of a pig playing the bagpipes is believed to be one of the earliest depictions of bagpipes in Scotland, and highlights the town’s sandstone history.

Dumfries inhabitants, ‘Doonhamers’, and those seeking the history of the town and its previous residents, such as the most famous Scot of them all, Robert Burns, will no doubt be charmed by this selection of stories.

A-Z of Dumfries, by Mary Smith and Keith Kirk, published by Amberley Publishing, £14.99.

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