Book review – A Wild Call by Martyn Murray

What’s the story?

The non-fiction book follows Martyn Murray on a voyage through the Scottish Isles after his father’s death and a hunger for the feeling of freedom over takes him. Wishing to re live the trips he once took with his father, Murray falls in love with an old ketch is Ireland and restores it enough to sail back to Scotland with the main mission of reaching St Kilda (a remote part of the British Isles). The book details the struggles that Martyn experiences on his travels from turbulent weather love to love interest Kyla.


The book discusses many ups and downs that Martyn himself experienced. He is a likeable individual and in some aspects will be relateable to many readers, as he looks to achieve a feeling of complete freedom through his love of sailing. The book is structured well and it details many personal experiences very effectively throughout.


The book mentions a number of technical sailing terms which for a reader with limited knowledge on this, could be more difficult to read and understand. This also means that the subject of the book is quite specific and may not be to every readers taste.

Extract from A Wild Call by Martyn Murray for Scottish Field Magazine


A Wild Call would be a good read for many, especially for those with an interest in sailing and the Scottish waters. The book also covers themes such as love and friendship throughout, making it heart-warming and enjoyable to read.


Overall, A Wide Call is a very gentle and satisfying book as it effectively follows a very personal account of the author. The book is reasonably enjoyable.

A Wild Call by Martyn Murray, £11.99,  published by Fernhurst Books.

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