A thought-provoking collection of poetry

Liz Lochhead’s innovative compilation of poems speak of locations, relationships and individuals, featuring humour and thought-provoking themes to enrich the imagery.

All of the poems are greatly varied in topic, but are distinguished by Lochhead’s individual style. Numerous pieces featured in this book show elements of truth, sorrow, anticipation and confusion.

All of these themes are woven throughout the five sections in this detailed and descriptive collection, each one supplementing the senses and making for  a pleasing read.

This collection represents Lochhead’s final term as Makar (Poet Laureate, 2011-2016) and contains work never previously showcased and poems written throughout her time as Makar.

Fugitive Colours, by Liz Lochhead, published by Polygon, £9.99.

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