A fascinating study of the red deer in Scotland

This beautiful book by wildlife photographer Neil McIntyre, Chasing the Deer, aims to raise awareness of the challenges facing red deer in Scotland today as well as showcasing the magnificent animal in all seasons and life-cycle stages.

Born into a family of deer stalkers, McIntyre has observed this iconic Scottish species for more than three decades and is well informed on the contentious issue of deer management.

The book, a carefully curated exhibition of breathtaking photos, personal memoirs and bountiful information on the red deer, encourages the reader to share McIntyre’s long held fascination with Britain’s largest land mammal.

With chapters on management and habitat, McIntyre delves deep into Scotland’s ecology, exploring key conservation issues such as how red deer alter the
landscape around us and how, in recent years, the animals’ herbivore diet conflicts with rewilding and forestry interests.

McIntyre presents each argument thoughtfully, talking about balancing interests and off ering food for thought on the dynamic relationship man has with the red deer.

Chasing the Deer, published by Neil McIntyre, published by Sandstone Press, £24.99

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