Craft beer launched showcasing Pale Ales and IPA

Flavourly has launched Equilibrium – the ultimate craft beer taste test.

Equilibrium is a range of Pale Ales and Session IPAs – showcasing ingredients from throughout the history of brewing and brewed to be drunk in pairs as the ultimate craft beer tasting test.

Brewed exclusively for Flavourly, the online craft beer specialists,’by legendary Irish brewer – Hilden, the limited edition series consists of three Pale Ales and three Session IPAs. Brewed to be drunk in pairs allowing drinkers to uncover the subtle differences between the two styles and showcasing specific flavour combinations.

Rob Gilmour, Flavourly head of product, said: ‘The world of beer is utterly limitless when it comes to the styles and flavours available. The real challenge is finding and finding again the ones that excite you and more importantly – the ones you enjoy.

‘This is the whole ethos behind Flavourly – we’re focused on helping people discover great beer that they will love. We’ve launched the new Equilibrium range with Hilden to make it easier for customers to build their own tasting experience. The range allows them to compare the different ingredients and their impact on taste within two of the most popular styles available – Pale Ale and Session IPA.’

The Equilibrium series comes in 330 ml cans and is available in boxes of 6, 12 or 24 for £16.50, £26 and £49.95 with free DPD delivery and is available exclusively here.

To fully maximise the taste test the beers are paired as;

Pale Ale 1 vs. Session IPA 1: Classic Malts with a Modern Hop Variety

Pale Ale 1 (3.8% abv) combines classic pale ale malt sweetness with one of the latest North American hop releases Talus.

Session IPA 1 (3.5% abv) strips back the malt bill to allow the bold citrus fruit flavours of Talus to shine through.

Pale Ale 2 vs. Session IPA 2: Traditional Malts with Experimental Hops

Good old Marris Otter leads the malt bill in Pale Ale 2 (3.8% abv), contrasted with the experimental BRU 1 BBC hops for a spicy, floral character.

Extra Pale Marris Otter comes in for Session IPA 2 (4.1% abv), allowing those hops to fully express themselves.

Pale Ale 3 vs. Session IPA 3: Traditional Malts with Traditional Hops

Pale Ale 3 (4.2% abv) is a classic pale ale that’ll be familiar to beer drinkers from the past 20 years of brewing. Session IPA 3 (4.5% abv) gives off that new wave West Coast IPA vibes. Each beer showcases classic American hops with Brewers Gold from “Old” Europe.

You can put your tastebuds to the test and experience Equilibrium – as a special introductory offer for those wanting to enjoy the Equilibrium tasting experience with friends use discount code EQUILIBRIUM to get the launch 24 pack for £36 including free delivery. Visit www.flavourly.com

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